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Office Update Error

Microsoft Office Click-To-Run software can sometimes encounter an error during update.  "Something went wrong" and error code 30015-26. This seems to be because corruption has occurr... more

USB3.0 for HP Proliant Gen8 server

Recently had something of a struggle trying to find a USB 3.0 card to work in an HP Proliant ML350p gen8 running Windows Server 2008R2. A solution that has worked uses a Startech 2 Port PCI Express... more

Company Bank scam

A new company bank scam was attempted on two of my customers this week. It goes like this: Scammer gets or guesses the email address for a company Director Scammer either gets email address... more

.NET 3.51 update issues

Security update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 (KB2966828) causes a problem to .NET 3.5 on Server 2012R2. Two services fail to start: Net.Msmq List... more

Moving from Blackberry to Android

For Blackberry fans, finding something that works well enough to replace it can be difficult.  Key functions that it is good at are: email handling (Notification) Profiles Notification ... more

Draytek Address Mapping changed

It's sometimes necessary to set a server to have a particular outgoing IP address on broadband setups that have multiple IPs. Draytek have been changing their menu structures for popular router... more

IE11 and Outlook Web Access

Internet Explorer 11 has been released, and is now being installed by many users from Windows Update. If you use Outlook Web Access on a corporate system (Exchange Server) with Internet Explorer 11... more

Outlook 2013 New email opens behind main window

In Outlook 2013, there are occasional cases where, when a new email is opened, it opens behind the main Outlook window. There are various web postings about this, including advice about removin... more

Sharepoint Event 5586 Error

An installation of SBS 2011 started showing the following Event error (and Company Web stopped working): Sharepoint Foundation Event 5586 Unknown SQL Exception 1346 occurred. Additional error in... more

Office 2010 cannot verify license

If having installed Office 2010 you later change its Product Key, you may then get the error message "Cannot Verify License" when you open an Office program. The message suggests you Repai... more

SBS Monitoring Event Log issue

SBS Monitoring usually produces daily and weekly reports that include a count, and optionally detail, of Critical Events on the server.  Sometimes, the reports continue to be produced but show ... more

SATA Disk Failure

If a SATA disk fails, and there is more than one SATA disk in the computer, other SATA disks in the machine may not be accessible. It seems that with certain sorts of SATA disk failure, the contro... more

Always check your Backups

A salutory tale this week. A user had been running a daily backup routine of his servers for a couple of years.  There was a bad crash and he needed to recover the systems from backup. It tur... more

Virus attacks

Two virus attacks seen in the last few days: 1) A false SMART warning mimicking disk drive S.M.A.R.T monitoring, telling the user that there are lots of disk errors, and inviting a link to be click... more

SBS 2011 Cannot Add Removable disk to Backup

If you have a Scheduled Windows Server Backup set up in SBS 2011 (or Server 2008R2) you may get the following error message when you try to add a new removable disk: "The filename, directory na... more