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Moving from Blackberry to Android

For Blackberry fans, finding something that works well enough to replace it can be difficult.  Key functions that it is good at are:

  1. email handling
  2. (Notification) Profiles
  3. Notification LED

In addition, users may have other complications like synchronising contacts and calendars with a CRM system such as ACT!, Goldmine, or Salesforce.

One formula that works is:

  1. Sony Xperia (for the notification LED)
  2. K9 email app (free).  Includes features like Unified Inbox email view, auto BCC, notification options (lights, sound and scheduler)
  3. Seer app (free) by SystemXStudios.  Seer stands for Silence Everything Except Ringtone.  This goes a long way towards the flexibility of Blackberry Profiles, as you can turn off all notification sounds but leave incoming calls.

In addition, if you need to link to a CRM, CompanionLink Express works as well on an Android as it does on Blackberries. A free app, DejaOffice, can be installed on the mobile and communicates with the CompanionLink program on the computer.

Enjoy! smiley

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