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SATA Disk Failure

If a SATA disk fails, and there is more than one SATA disk in the computer, other SATA disks in the machine may not be accessible.

It seems that with certain sorts of SATA disk failure, the controller is unable to recognise other attached SATA disks (that are OK).  If the failed disk is on a RAID Controller, the RAID array may also disappear from view.

The solution is to disconnect the faulty disk from the controller (which may be on the motherboard) - if you know which one it is.  If you do not know which disk is faulty (it may be part of a RAID Array) disconnect all the disks and reconnect them one at a time, restarting after each one.  Thus, by a process of elimination you will find out which disk is causing the problem.

Once the faulty disk is removed and the other disks connected, the remaining disks should again be correctly identified in the BIOS startup, and any RAID arrays should be visible in the RAID controller setup.